General Port Information

Port name:





69° 39′ 21″ N, 18° 58′ 12″ E


Norwegian charts No 87 and Harbour chart No 466

Harbour Master/ Officer on duty
Approach port of Tromsø

The following two pilot points can be used when approaching the port of Tromsø:

Southwest pilot point

Hekkingen south
pos. 69° 31′ 39″ N, 18° 02′ 00″ E

Northeast pilot point

pos. 69° 52′ 24″ N, 19° 47′ 42″ E


Tromsø bridge,
east side of Tromsø Island:

Height above waterspring 36.5 m,
sailing width 60 m, maximum 5 000 grt.

Sandesundet bridge,
west side of Tromsø Island:

Height above waterspring 41.0 m,
sailing width 140 m.


We can offer suitable quays with a wide range of services such as fresh water delivery, garbage disposal and shore power connection. The quays are also suitable for loading and unloading operations involving heavy cargo.

Tidal Information

The tide flows north at LW and south at HW, at speed up to 4.5 knots. The tide changes 1.5 hrs before LW and HW.

The mean tidal range is 2.32 metres.

More Information

For more information, visit Tromsø Havn.